As an experienced survivalist, I've encountered numerous preparedness products. Today, we're focusing on the Patriot Supply. This company is known for its top-notch emergency food such as meal kits, soup, and energy drink, along with survival gear like bags that are essential in any crisis situation. After personally using their survival food kits and bags during my outdoor adventures, I can vouch for their good quality and reliability based on my reviews. My hands-on experience and extensive research will provide you a comprehensive review of survival food kits from the Patriot Supply website. By sticking around, you'll understand why this brand's survival food kits, including soup and bags, and customer service make it stand out from competitors and how it could be your lifesaver when disaster strikes. So let's dive into the nitty-gritty of what makes Patriot Supply's soup, kit, marketing, and bags tick.

TL;DR Summary

My Patriot Supply, a leading provider of survivalist gear including cook kits and emergency preparedness products like bags, is committed to promoting self-reliance, food independence, and effective marketing strategies. With a passion for self-sufficiency, they not only sell good survivalist kits and cook products to customers but also engage in the survivalist lifestyle themselves.

Their offer includes free shipping on orders over $99, a good kit, and same-day shipment for orders placed by 3PM on business days, depending on the date and time. For a total cost of $497.00, you can order a good quality kit, trusted by many Americans preparing to cook for unforeseen circumstances or ‘black swan' events.

Furthermore, My Patriot Supply not only sells good order kits and cook items but also provides useful tips for readiness during crisis situations. They teach historical meal creation methods using a cook kit and limited ingredients, handy skills to order when food supply becomes scarce or dates are delayed.

In essence, this patriot supply review reveals that the company isn't just about taking orders for kits and cookware; it's about empowering individuals to be independent and prepared at all times, regardless of the date.

Product NameMy Patriot Supply
Free ShippingYes, on orders over $99
Same Day ShippingYes, for cook kit orders placed by 3PM on business days, date is relevant.
Company OriginOriginal Patriot survival company
Company PhilosophySelf-sufficiency and food independence
Product CategorySurvival supplies & emergency preparedness gear
Trusted forSelf-reliance & food independence
ProvidesSurvival Scout preparedness tips
Target AudienceAmericans preparing for unforeseen events
Children Living InN/A
History Based Meal CreationYes
Preparation for Black Swan EventYes

Key Features

My Patriot Supply (MPS) is a renowned brand in the field of emergency preparedness, known for its order and date efficiency. It presents several key features, packaged in a certain order, that make it stand out and remain up-to-date.

The first thing I noticed about MPS products when I placed my order was their competitive pricing. With an average total cost of $497, you can order a wide range of survival supplies by a certain date. This makes it affordable for most people to order and prepare for emergencies.

What's more? They offer free shipping on orders over $99! That's quite a bargain when considering the size and weight of these products in your order. As someone who frequently places online orders, this feature saves me extra costs.

One amazing aspect is their swift delivery service. If you order by 3 PM on business days, your package ships the same day! In my experience with them, my order arrived promptly without any hitches.

Besides affordability and quick order delivery, MPS prides itself as the original Patriot survival company. The founders share a passion for self-sufficiency and food independence which reflects in their product quality, variety, and order.

Moreover, they don't merely sell products; they live the lifestyle they preach – practicing emergency preparedness actively and in order. This gives me confidence in their understanding of what true freedom means through attaining self-reliance levels.

Emergency Preparedness Gear

My Patriot Supply is a reliable platform for all your survival supply needs. They offer an extensive range of emergency preparedness gear, ensuring you're ready for any situation.

I've personally found their selection to be comprehensive. From water filtration systems to emergency food supplies, they have it all covered. My orders always arrive promptly and in excellent condition, thanks to their efficient shipping policy.

If you place an order by 3PM on business days, expect it shipped out the same day. This quick turnaround time is impressive and ensures that you receive your essential items promptly when needed most.

One thing I appreciate about My Patriot Supply is their free shipping policy for orders over $99. It's a significant advantage if you're looking at buying bulk survival supplies or planning substantial investments in emergency gear.

However, while this threshold may seem high initially, considering the nature of products offered – long-term food storage kits, advanced water purifiers – reaching this amount isn't challenging.

In my experience with other suppliers who charge hefty delivery fees regardless of purchase size or value, MPS's free shipping feature has saved me considerable money over time.

The company was founded by individuals passionate about self-sufficiency and food independence – values reflected clearly in the quality and variety of products offered. Their commitment towards promoting self-reliance through their product line makes them stand apart from many competitors in the market today.

Their offerings are not just wide-ranging but also well-thought-out; each item serves a specific purpose geared towards enhancing one’s ability to survive during emergencies or unforeseen circumstances.

Self-Reliance and Food Independence

My Patriot Supply (MPS) was born out of a deep passion for self-sufficiency. The founders believed in the value of independence, an idea that forms the core of their operations.

Their firm belief is that true freedom can only be achieved when one attains a level of self-reliance. This ideology resonates with many who seek to be less dependent on external systems for basic needs such as food.

As someone who values self-sufficiency, I found MPS products to be designed with this principle in mind. They offer solutions that promote food independence, which is essential especially during unforeseen circumstances or emergencies.

The company has made it possible for individuals and families to sustain themselves without relying heavily on grocery stores or government aid. Their product line offers long-term food storage options, emergency survival foods, and other supplies necessary for independent living.

In my experience using their products, I've found them easy-to-use and effective in providing nutrition during times when fresh produce wasn't readily available. That said, preparing some meals required more effort than expected but it's worth considering the peace-of-mind these solutions provide.

Through extensive research into customer reviews and forums about MPS products, it’s evident that they are well-regarded by those seeking to achieve self-reliance. Users appreciate not just the quality but also the variety offered – catering to different dietary restrictions while ensuring long shelf-life.

However, like any product out there – they're not perfect. Some users have noted issues with shipping delays although this seems more related to increased demand rather than company inefficiencies.

Preparedness Tips from Survival Scout

Survival Scout is a reliable source for practical advice on emergency preparedness. This platform provides useful guidance, helping individuals to become active participants in the survivalist lifestyle. The tips offered are not mere theories but are derived from real-life experiences and tested strategies.

When I first started my journey towards self-reliance, Survival Scout was instrumental in providing me with actionable steps to take. Their advice ranges from how to stockpile food effectively to creating an efficient escape plan during emergencies.

The beauty of these tips lies in their simplicity and applicability. They don't require you to have any special skills or resources, just the willpower and determination to be proactive about your safety and well-being.

One standout tip that has served me well is learning how to preserve water for long-term storage. With this knowledge at my disposal, I've been able not only survive but also thrive during periods of water scarcity.

However, it's crucial not just taking these tips at face value; it's equally important understanding why they're effective. For instance, knowing that preserving water prevents bacterial growth helps reinforce the importance of this practice.

Another valuable lesson learned from Survival Scout is the significance of having a diversified survival strategy. Just like investments, relying solely on one method can be risky as its effectiveness may vary based on different situations or emergencies.

Historical Lessons for Meal Creation

History is a great teacher, especially. It offers us valuable insights into how people in the past managed to create meals with limited ingredients during periods of scarcity.

During such challenging times, families had to be innovative and resourceful. They learned how to make do with what they had and still provide nourishing meals for their loved ones.

This historical wisdom isn't lost on My Patriot Supply. In fact, it's an integral part of their product development process.

They understand that there may come a time when we'll have to rely on our ingenuity and adaptability just like our ancestors did. That's why they've incorporated these lessons from history into their products.

For instance, I remember ordering one of their long-term food supply kits out of curiosity. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of the meals included – all created keeping in mind the need for nutritional balance even in times of scarcity.

But what truly impressed me was how each meal seemed carefully designed considering not just taste but also ease-of-preparation under potentially difficult circumstances – mirroring those faced by our forebears during hard times!

However, as much as I appreciated this attention-to-detail, I did find that some meals required slightly more water than indicated on the packaging – something you might want to keep in mind while planning your own emergency preparedness strategy.

Black Swan Event Readiness

Black swan events, by their very nature, are unpredictable. This doesn't mean we can't prepare for them. My Patriot Supply equips you with essential resources to face such circumstances head-on.

I've found that the company offers a range of products aimed at ensuring your readiness during unforeseen situations. From survival gear to food supplies, they have it all covered.

The unpredictability of black swan events often leaves us feeling helpless and unprepared. But with the right tools in hand, we can mitigate their impact significantly.

My experience using My Patriot Supply has been nothing short of impressive. The quality and diversity of their products truly stand out in preparing for unexpected scenarios.

One aspect I appreciate about this company is its commitment to providing reliable solutions for emergency preparedness. It's clear that they understand the importance of being self-reliant during crisis times.

The price tag might seem hefty at $497 total value but considering what you're getting – an array of top-notch survival resources – it's worth every penny. Plus, free shipping on orders over $99 and same-day shipping on business days make the deal even more attractive!

However, no product or service is without its flaws. While most items met my expectations, a few did not quite match up to the high standards set by others in my order from My Patriot Supply.

Buying Guide

The buying guide is a crucial tool for customers. It provides essential insights based on unique situations. I found it particularly helpful when determining what supplies were necessary for my own emergency preparedness kit.

My Patriot Supply's buying guide presents detailed information about each product, allowing you to make informed decisions. This feature was instrumental in helping me understand the value of each item before making a purchase.

In my experience, the guide has helped me prevent unnecessary spending by focusing on items that are most relevant to my needs. For example, living in an urban area with occasional power outages, I prioritized purchasing lighting and power backup solutions over wilderness survival gear.

The buying guide also highlights popular products among other Americans preparing for various scenarios. This feature offers valuable insight into what others are finding useful or necessary in their preparations.

From this perspective, it not only helps identify key items but also gives an idea of trends and common practices among fellow preppers. After all, there's wisdom in crowds; if many people find certain products beneficial, they might be worth considering for your own preparedness plans too.

Moreover, My Patriot Supply includes important details such as shipping costs and delivery times within its buying guides – factors which can influence purchasing decisions significantly especially during emergencies or shortages.

However, one thing I believe could improve is providing more personalized recommendations based on individual circumstances like location or family size. Currently the suggestions seem quite general which may not cater to everyone's specific needs effectively enough.

Wrapping Up

Patriot Supply has proven itself as a reliable partner in your quest for emergency preparedness and self-reliance. Its broad range of products, from survival gear to meal creation, is designed with your safety and independence in mind. The historical lessons and tips provided further enrich your knowledge, preparing you for any Black Swan event.

Investing in Patriot Supply is investing in peace of mind. Don't wait for disaster to strike before taking action. Equip yourself now and face the future with confidence. Remember, preparation today ensures survival tomorrow. So, what are you waiting for? Make the smart move – choose Patriot Supply.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Patriot Supply?

My Patriot Supply (MPS) is a company dedicated to providing emergency preparedness and survival supplies. They are passionate about self-sufficiency, food independence, and active participants in the survivalist lifestyle.

How much does it cost to order from My Patriot Supply?

The total cost of products from MPS can vary but for instance, you could spend around $497.00 on their site. Plus, they offer free shipping when you spend over $99.

Does My Patriot Supply ship orders quickly?

Yes! Orders placed by 3PM are shipped out the same day on business days. This ensures that your emergency preparedness gear arrives as soon as possible.

What kind of tips does Survival Scout provide?

Survival Scout provides essential preparedness tips based on historical lessons for meal creation using limited ingredients during seasons when food is scarce and how to prepare for unpredictable black swan events.

Is My Patriot Supply a trusted source for self-reliance & food independence resources?

Absolutely! MPS prides itself as being a trusted resource in providing tools and knowledge needed for achieving self-reliance and food independence. Their commitment towards these principles has made them popular among customers preparing for unforeseen circumstances.